Meet our tow truck operators

"What is your favorite part of being a tow truck operator?"

Each of our drivers is a licensed & certified tow truck operator; we strongly believe this team is most effective & strongest combination of skilled & talented tow truck operators in Corpus Christi and it's surrounding areas.   Each tow truck operator knows how to perform basic tows and the talent is evident when you see them perform accident recoveries whether it involves an 18-wheeler jack knives, high-centered, rolled over onto its side, crashed & smashed into a ditch or recovering heavy equipment that is airborne or water borne or winching a whale from the Gulf of Mexico onto the Texas seashore.  Our own fish tale, we really did winch in a Texas-sized fish. Read more here...

Texas Wrecker Service


Ralph specializes in HEAVY-DUTY towing & recoveries and has 50+ years experience.  Ralph says, "I've been doing this for over 50 years.  Why?  Because I really love what I do, and I love doing it all.  I love towing long hauls, especially, when it's cold and raining.   I love the challenge of winching 18-wheelers out of ditch pulls, mud pulls, accident recoveries like rollovers whether they are loaded with product or not and when they're slanting over to a side, it makes the job even tougher, but we know how to do it right.  My his favorite part of the job is figuring out how to solve the most difficult recoveries."

Texas Wrecker Service


Frank specializes in HEAVY-DUTY towing & recoveries and has 25+ years experience.  Frank said, "I like doing everything that no one else can do."



Steve specializes in HEAVY-DUTY towing & recoveries and operates the Landoll for hauling heavy equipment:  Steve has 10+ years experience; he also provides heavy equipment hauling on a 53' Landoll for industrial-sized generators, industrial-sized compressors & industrial-sized forklifts.

According to Steve, "My favorite part is when after I do a tow like on an RV and the customer is really happy and sincerely appreciates the hard work I just placed into doing that tow because preparing an RV for towing is not an easy job and it takes a lot of time. Customer appreciation...THAT'S what makes me happy."

"Estephan tows 18-wheelers and RV's from here to there when he's not busy jet skiing his life in the sun.   Keep on truckin', Estephan!



Jesse specializes in HEAVY-DUTY towing & recoveries and has 20+ years experience.  "My favorite part is working wrecks, 18 wheeler mud pulls, sand pulls, rollovers and any type of EMERGENCY RESPONSE really."



Ruben specializes in HEAVY-DUTY towing & recoveries and reminded us that he has 32+ years experience.  His favorite part is performing heavy duty accidents, rollover recoveries.

Texas Wrecker Service


Ram specializes in LIGHT-DUTY towing & recoveries and has approximately 14 years experience towing light duty vehicles.  Ram's favorite part of the job is knowing how that overtime he arrives at an accident, there is a "new problem to figure out."  Some of the craziest tows he's performed include the following:
* Recovering a boat dangling from the Indian Point Bridge.
* Recovering a car that ended up sitting on top of a barrier cement post...after the CCPD police officer witnessed other towing companies come & go because they were unable to perform the recovery, the officer said Ram couldn't do it with a flat bed.  Thanks to Ram's experience & skill set, Ram proved him wrong.   Ram is proud to share with us, that he learned all of his recovery skills & "tricks of the trade" while working with us here at Texas Wrecker Service.  "Before Texas Wrecker all I did were basic tows."



Orlando specializes in LIGHT-DUTY towing & recoveries and has 20+ years experience.



FJ specializes in LIGHT-DUTY towing & assists in heavy-duty 18 wheeler recoveries:  he performs transloads, load shifts, operates the forklift and runs emergency response towing for CCPD.  His favorite part is witnessing customer satisfaction